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Form 12A

Details of amounts recovered from the employees and the employer’s contribution towards the Provident Fund

Form 19

For the purpose of Full and final settlement against the Provident Fund account held

Form 13

To Transfer the Provident Fund from one employer to another

Form 2(Revised)

This is the nomination form

Challan Form

Challan in triplicate as a proof of the money being deposited in the bank as remittance to the Provident Fund office

Form 3A

Projected yearly details of wages and deductions from the employees towards the Provident Fund

Disabled Worker Return

Details of disabled employees in an establishment

Form 5A

Change in owner ship of the organization

EPF Higherflag

Contributing more in EPF members

Form 6A

Actual deductions from employees yearly statement

EPS Higherflag

Contributing more in EPS members

International Worker Return

Details of international employees in an establishment

Both Higherflag

Contributing more both in EPF and EPS members

Members Of 58Years

Details of employee who passed 58 years of age in an establishment

Form 10

Details of employees moving out of the organization during the month

Final Settlement

For the purpose of calculating the service of an employee for pension scheme

Form 10C

For the purpose of claiming withdrawal benefit or scheme certificate

EPF Calculator Installation Manual

Describes Installation Procedure step by step

Form 5

Information about the newly enrolled employees


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